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Paramount Hospitality Management LLC Receives 2012 Best of Business Nomination

PHOENIX, June, 11th 2012, Paramount Hospitality Management LLC has been nominated for the 2012 Best of Business Award.

Being in business sets people apart from most ordinary people and the SBCA Community is dedicated to helping others understand that running a business is an obtainable goal and that everyone should try their best at living their dreams.

The SBCA Community recognizes and awards business owners because they often do not receive the recognition they deserve. Business owners are role models for everyone whether they know it or not. SBCA Community 2012 Best of Business Award Nominees are a valuable asset to their community and exemplify what makes small businesses great.

About Paramount Hospitality Management LLC

With a president who literally grew up in the hotel business, it’s safe to say that Paramount Hospitality is not your average hospitality management company. Paramount currently manages three properties in Orlando, Florida: the Floridays Resort, which enjoys a number-one rating on, The Point Orlando Resort, both condo-hotel properties. Plus, Paramount recently was tapped to manage and operate another International Drive hotel, which will complete renovations in late Fall, 2012.

But company president Marco Manzie wants clients and potential clients to know that Paramount is more than just a three-property, 200-employee, central Florida operation. “We are a company that is made up of hotel veterans with a strong infrastructure, strong ethics and strong financial achievements,” he said. “The executive team is positioned for expansion.”

Manzie says that the time is now ripe for the company to grow because its current properties have become very successful. In the past, Paramount has been reluctant to expand, opting instead to dedicate 100 percent of its efforts to growing the properties it already managed. “It isn’t about the volume of properties for Paramount,” said Manzie. “It’s about quality and success.”

Manzie’s managerial watchwords are “inspect what you expect,” meaning it isn’t enough just to want something from your employees; you need a hands-on approach to motivating those who work for you. “I have a strong passion, and I drive that in my employees,” Manzie says, adding that his employees do not do anything he wouldn?t do himself, and he expects the same from his managers. “It’s the culture at Paramount,” he said.

Not only is there nothing Manzie wouldn’t do; there’s really nothing he hasn’t done when it comes to the hotel business. He went to work in the business at the age of 17 and has never left. Working his way up, says Manzie, has given him a “good overall grounding both financially & operationally.” He adds, “I know what it takes to get the job done from anybody’s perspective. I think that’s a leg up.” These skills were refined almost 20 years ago when Manzie left ITT Sheraton to co-found and head-up Vacation Break Management, which developed six ( both new-built and renovation/ conversion projects) and operated a collection of quality resorts, hotels and yacht clubs. The company applied the strictest, traditional hotel AAA Diamond and Mobile Star operating standards from full-service hotels, which included the highest level guest services, matriculated and infused into “mixed-use” properties, establishing the criteria that would eventually become the “Gold Crown” standards for RCI and the “5-Star” standards for Interval International. In 1997 Vacation Break USA (NASDAQ – VBRK) was acquired by Fairfield Communities, Inc. (NYSE – FFD); Vacation Break Management was part of the acquisition. Eventually, Fairfield Communities, Inc was acquired by Cendant Corp, which later became Wyndham.

Manzie has also worked for most of the major hotel brands, or “flags,” including Hilton, Sheraton, Park Hyatt and Holiday Inn. With such a wide breadth of experience, Manzie was able to cherry-pick the best practices of each flag while avoiding what he saw as mistakes. “It gave me good overall knowledge,” he said.

Ultimately, it is the customer service and the executive team?s attitude that sets Paramount apart from its competition. In many other companies, after the initial meeting with the president or CEO, a client is passed off to an underling – not so with Paramount. “I don’t want to get to a point where I can’t be involved in the success in each and every one of my properties,” said Manzie.

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