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We will encourage all guests and team members to follow the local ordinance to reduce the potential spread of COVID-19 while visiting our hotels and resorts. 




May 14, 2020 Update

Dear Team Members,

It is during these times that we truly reflect on what is important in life – Health, Family, Friendships, our First Responders, Healthcare Workers and kind wishes of good health for everyone globally. It is interesting that the materialistic, tangible values become less important and how incredibly humbling this pandemic has been for all of us. We at Paramount Hospitality Management (PHM), like many other companies, had to make difficult decisions regarding our hotels and team members that have not been easy to make by any means.


We understand the authorities are having to make the difficult decisions and are taking action in the fight against COVID-19. The objective is to save lives as we were facing potential exponential growth in COVID-19 exposure, given that Florida caters to millions of people from all over the world.


Currently, we are aware that the peak for the state of Florida is behind us. We are participating in conference calls focused around the recovery and how that is going to be realized and what mandates/restrictions will come along with the recovery stage. It would appear that we are looking at a Three (3) tier roll-out for our County and industry at large. We know that it will surround the “safety first” philosophy as it should. As a company you will read about the pro-active safety plan that we are putting into place to exercise all “best practices” to lead us into a safe environment for both our guest, team members and our community. This plan is based on Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines as well as governmental mandates. Each operating department at our hotels and resorts have been diligent to prepare their own customized set of procedures, even more detailed than this summary.


We will be monitoring all recommendations from all governmental agencies especially those published by the CDC and federal & local authorities to promote a safe environment. As such, this plan will be amended accordingly and as often as necessary.


Wishing you, your family and friends good health and safety, always.




Marco A. Manzie CHA, CAM                                                       


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