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We Produce Results

Properties within the Paramount Hospitality™ | Manzie Hospitality® collection have won national awards and are recognized as the best in their market.

A successful property! We are revenue-driven. We are always striving for perfection, whether it’s in food and beverage, housekeeping operations, preventative maintenance, guest service standards, or full resort renovation processes.


We have an extensive experience in a variety of management techniques and sophisticated homeowner property management systems to align cost management with revenue goals.


We take a unique approach to each property and evaluate the needs and opportunities for growth based on locations, services, size, and budget. We implement real, personalized strategies for each property with the goal of continued growth within the market and your bottom line.


By evaluating and understating the competitive set, we position each property in the marketplace to stand out amongst its competitors.

Asset Management

Our long track record in financial review and market share analysis, provides us with crucial capabilities. These include revenue optimization, aggressive sales and marketing performance analysis and the ability to evaluate organizational structure to improve core management competencies.

HOA Management

We understand our owners very well and realize "transparency" is key to our success in addition to our knowledge, experience and financial management skills. We provide profit and loss statements and critiques, cash flow management, asset reconciliation, accountability, and a great deal more.

Sales & Marketing

At PHM we are proud of our systemic analysis and attention to data. We start with a market analysis, create a marketing plan and optimize our senior management’s contribution to strategy. From there, we focus on establishing sales and catering goals and objectives and plan for maximizing eCommerce initiatives.

Property Development

When we fully develop properties, PHM completes a facility and amenity evaluation. We provide architectural design/space planning recommendations, along with feasibility study review and commentary. 

Revenue Management

Revenue Management is as much an art as it is a science at PHM. Our revenue management team using the latest Revenue Management System (RMS) technology allowing us to consistently monitor market demand, while we apply "dynamic" pricing techniques synchronized with innovative marketing strategies

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance establishes and implements departmental QA training programs, and incorporates inspection results with action plans toward strategic goals. Furthermore, we implement preventative maintenance programs, which include a comprehensive checklist. 

Financial Services

Our financial services include regulatory compliance, budget preparation, balance sheet, income statements and critiques. We excel in cash-flow management for the property, as well as asset reconciliation and accountability.

Central Reservations

We offer comprehensive central reservation services, automated call distribution and both dedicated and virtual CRO to ensure the highest industry standards and conversion ratios. Our process includes extensive reservation sales training. We follow up with rigorous quality assurance, reporting and analysis.

Human Resources

Upon implementation of human resources within a property management structure, we first establish organizational purpose, values and goals. We confirm regulatory compliance in all recruiting and orientation. We handle benefits administration, risk management, and reporting.

Food & Beverage

Our carefully selected staff prepares only the highest quality entrees and beverage offerings for our patrons.

  • Expertise in all areas of food preparation and personal attentiveness, including room service.

  • Constant analysis of market trends and opportunities to go beyond consumer expectations in both quality of our offerings as well as venues and presentation.

  • Quality staff and professional training for food and beverage service.

  • Capacity to handle large events as well as the most intimate dining experiences.

  • Creative fair matching the many competitive choices in the locations of our resorts, and tiered levels of pricing – while maintaining high quality standards

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