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Team Members of The Grove Resort & Spa

We look forward to welcoming each of you to the Paramount Hospitality Management family. As part of our Onboarding
Experience, over the next few days and weeks we will be conducting insightful meetings for all the team to attend. These
meetings will allow you to understand the culture, benefits and expectations as we come together to meet the high-quality
service and financial goals at The Grove.

Here are answers to a few key questions you will find informative. We are committed to making this a smooth transition for all.


Should you have additional questions, we invite you reach out to the Human Resources Team at

Will my position and pay remain the same?
Current wages and positions will remain the same effective January 13th. Everyone’s role is important and although there
will be some changes, we seek to make only those necessary and to be as least disruptive as possible. You are expected to
continue fulfilling your current position’s responsibilities and focus on efficiency, quality and service fulfillment for our guests.


Will I have to meet a 90 day introductory (probationary) period?
Yes, the first 90 days you and PHM will have an opportunity to assess and ensure equally that we are a good fit for each other.
Our intention is to retain the best talent for all our positions and to provide coaching, training and performance feedback to
everyone as an individual hospitality professional. During the introductory period we hope to engage all Team Members to
ensure continued excellence in service.


Will my schedule change?
Your department managers are expected to continue to lead the team while achieving high levels of efficiencies that meet and
exceed guest service expectations and The Grove’s financial goals.


What will happen with my insurance programs?
PHM will review and offer all full time Team Members insurance options at the Orientation meetings taking place throughout
the week of January 13th. Your current insurance plans will remain in place through January 31st. The new insurance will be
effective February 1st.


Will my benefit deductions change?
Yes, the benefit plans and deductions will be different than what is currently being offered.


What insurance carriers are offered?
PHM offers HMO and PPO networked options through the following carriers; Florida Blue for medical, MetLife for the dental,
vision and our company paid term life insurance. We also offer supplemental plans through Colonial Insurance.


What will happen with my 401K? Does PHM have a 401k for me to rollover my monies?
You will be offered rollover options through your current 401K carrier. PHM is currently reviewing 401K plans to offer to our
dedicated Team Members. This announcement will be forthcoming.

What will happen with my current vacation time, sick, holiday or PTO time? 
All your currently earned and accrued time will transfer and be available at the time of your usage.  Going forward you will receive paid time off and vacation in accordance with the PHM benefit calculator, which information is available in the PHM Team Member Handbook. 


Will my tenure be honored or do I lose it with PHM?
PHM will honor your time of employment with The Grove.  We will use your original hire date with The Grove to calculate eligibility for paid time off.  


What are the PTO and Vacation benefits?
The PTO and vacation benefits are based upon your tenure with The Grove.  Our HR Team will provide additional information during the orientation presentations and in the Team Member Handbook.


What is the new work week?
The week starts on Mondays and ends on Sundays.


How often will I get paid? 
You will be paid every two weeks on Thursdays.  We recommend that all employees enroll in Direct Deposit as it is the best and quickest way to receive your paycheck.  You can enroll electronically through, HR is available to assist you in the process when you chose to enroll on the Paycor Orange Mobile Application.

When will I receive my first paycheck with PHM?
Because you are transitioning in the middle of a PHM pay period which is Jan. 6th through Jan 19th your first paycheck will be January 23rd.  This first paycheck will be for one week which is for hours worked starting on January 13th through the 19th.


Will my performance review date remain the same or will it change to the PHM acquisition date?
PHM is currently reviewing our performance evaluation program. However, for consistency we will leave the performance review process currently in place at The Grove.  For those expecting a performance evaluation in the 1st quarter and effective
April 2020, you will in fact receive these timely.  Once PHM concludes the review of this program we will introduce the new process which may or may not change.


What employee systems/portals does PHM offer?
We use the Paycor system, you can easily download and begin accessing your employee information on the Paycor Employee Portal at

Can we stay at The Grove under the Discount Room Accommodations program?
Team Members can request room accommodations at a property other than the property they are primarily employed. 


Can we use the food discounts at other properties?
The food discounts are only extended at the home property.

Where can I find job opportunities with PHM?
You can find current job opportunities at

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