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The Grove Resort & Water Park ready to “Welcome Back the Brits”

November 1st, 2021 (Orlando, FL) – Last month, the White House has announced that it will open its borders to fully vaccinated travelers starting on November 8th, 2021.

In preparation for this exciting news, The Grove Resort & Water Park hosted a panel discussion on November 1st to discuss the reopening of travel borders to UK residents. In anticipation of this landmark achievement post-COVID, leaders in the travel industry, in addition to local and regional officials spoke about what this means for not only the economic landscape of Central Florida but also the UK. There was a thorough conversation on the health & safety of travelers and the precautions in place within the State of Florida, along with the expected revenue boost that this reignited travel partnership brings to the hospitality industry within Central Florida.

Participating in the panel was:

Nicolette Brent MBE-Her Majesty’s Consul General of the United Kingdom

Jerry Demings-Orange County Mayor

Casandra Matej-Visit Orlando President & CEO

Phil Brown-Greater Orlando Aviation Authority CEO

Simon Hawkins-Virgin Atlantic Head of USA


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